Women Orchestra


Concerts 2020

Tu sì que vales

-19 September 2020, Tu sì que vales, Channel 5 (Italy), exibition. (performance) .

-16 December 2020, Eu Web Awards, Teatro Verdi of Pisa (IT), guests. (Livestreaming).

-23 December 2020, Christmas for Morricone, Tribute, Auditorium of SS. Salvatore (PA).

Poster- Tu sì que vales

Concerts 2018-2017

It’s not love

-23 December 2018, Christmas Concert, Mother Church of Terrasini, traditional music..

-25 November 2017, It’s not love, Theatre Lena of Cammarata (AG). Music by Mozart, Rossini, Puccini, Verdi..